Joel Ostlind

Joel Ostlind was born and raised in Wyoming and traveled around the West working on ranches. He married Wendy in Texas, they started a family in Montana, and were back in Wyoming in time for their two children to start school. Ostlind’s work progressed from sketching in the evenings, a life long passion, to becoming a profession. In 1990 Ostlind built a studio near Big Horn, Wyoming and purchased an etching press. Ostlind works in the traditional manner of hand-drawing imagery through a waxy coating on a copper plate and etching the exposed lines down into the plate. He then hand-inks and prints each etching himself. His work is included in John T. Ordeman’s book The American Sporting Prints: 20th Century Etchers and Drypointists (2007).  

Ostlind is represented by Ann Korologos Gallery (Basalt, CO), Bozeman Trail Gallery (Sheridan, WY), The Brinton Museum (Big Horn, WY), and Simpson Gallagher Gallery (Cody, WY).