Joshua LaRock is internationally recognized as a preeminent figurative artist. After receiving a degree in music business, he found himself compelled to explore a different vocation as an artist in the realm of painting. He attended The Grand Central Academy of Art (New York City) and later formed an essential part of their teaching program, dedicating seven years as a core instructor. LaRock's exquisite paintings are an ode to the past while being filtered through a contemporary life. This makes his emotive figure compositions memorable and potent and gives his narrative pieces an eerily present feeling. Even when referencing Bouguereau or one of the great compositions of the past, LaRock imbues a shade of the timeless, drawing the viewer deeper into his personal interpretation of how the world ought to be.

The artist has participated in exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe, and China and is recognized as an Art Renewal Center Living Master. He is also a sought-after workshop instructor. LaRock currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children and is an artist at East Oaks Studio, a new and innovative art enterprise and video-production company established with fellow professional artists Louis Carr and Michael Klein.

LaRock is represented by Collins Galleries (Orleans, MA), Stephen Ling (Beijing), Maxwell Alexander Gallery (Los Angeles), and Portraits, Inc.


For many years Opera Holland Park, London has commissioned artists to create images to represent the season's operas. The images are not representations of the productions but rather the artist’s interpretations. This year's images consist of paintings created by Joshua LaRock and will be used in the promotion of their 2018 season, including on brochures, websites, social media, on-site at the theatre, advertising, film, and posters.


The quartet of four paintings in this series (done as a commission for a London opera house) is being sold as a set for $23,000. If by 7:40pm on the night of sale it does not sell as a set, they will be sold individually at $7,200 each.