Michael Bergt

Michael Bergt has been in deep dialogue with art history over the course of his more than 30-year career. Working in various media — drawing, sculpture, and primarily egg-tempera painting — Bergt has engaged art's long history of grappling with representational and abstract sensibilities. Inspired by early Renaissance classical mythology, and other diverse religious and spiritual imagery, his artwork represents his own play with expression and interpretation of the contemporary human condition. While grounded in these traditions, Bergt also profoundly breaks from these as he creates his own cast of mythic characters, complete with their own poetic inclinations and relationships informed by pressing modern topics such as gender and sexuality.

Bergt co-founded The Society of Tempera Painters and served as the President for 12 years. He was recently selected as a finalist in the BP Portrait Award 2018 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (London). The artist resides in Santa Fe and teaches egg-tempera painting for Rome Art Workshops during the summer.

Bergt is represented by Nüart Gallery (Santa Fe).