Nancy Guzik

Once upon a time there was a girl named Nancy, and all she wanted to do was draw, paint, and play with her cat. Her art career began at Calabash Animation in Chicago, by drawing and animating fairytale films for children, such as How the Elephant Got His Trunk and Christmas Every Day, which was shown on national television.

Guzik continued with her art training, studying at The American Academy of Art (Chicago) and Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts (Old Lyme, CT). It was at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts (Chicago), however, that she met master artist Richard Schmid, who became her mentor and also helped develop her powers to do good with art.

Because of this, her artwork won many awards, and she became the nationally recognized artist she is today. Guzik has been invited to exhibit in several important exhibitions, such as the Cecilia Beaux Forum, American Masters, the Boston International Fine Art Show, and at the Harvard Club of New York City, to name a few. Her paintings are now collected internationally.

As Director of the Putney Painters in Vermont, Guzik has transformed the careers of many painters and is a highly sought-after teacher. She has also offered her artwork to various fund-raisers and has helped raise funds to aid foster children and other worthy causes. For Guzik, having the power to do good with art is a fairytale come true.

Guzik is represented by West Wind Fine Art (Colorado Springs, CO).