Robert Pillsbury

Born in the small town of Derry, New Hampshire, the surrounding landscape was permanently embraced at a very young age. A career spanning thirty years has involved performance art, video, painting, printmaking, art instruction and a continued implementation of a large and varied body of work.

He holds a BFA degree in painting and printmaking from the Maryland Institute, College of Art and began his career in the trenches of the newspaper industry, working days and painting through the night. As an artist, his passion lies in drawing, an exercise performed every day regardless of time or place. It is an unconscious function of his life, like breathing. His thoughts on his own art convey a profound and abiding respect for the natural world where he draws his inspiration.

His work has been included in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions and has received many awards in the metropolitan area as well as traveling exhibitions internationally. His life in art extends beyond the studio through his deep commitment to the Salmagundi Club where he serves as President.

Artist Statement

My work reflects an ongoing process of seeing and focusing on the relationship between conscious and unconscious observations of the environment. The use of color and field are deeply rooted in those found in nature, as well as icons drawn from the landscape. Many of the works have origins in reality, but possess the feeling of ethereal abstraction, fading in and out of subject matter through the use of line and color changes.