Roger Dale Brown was raised in Birmingham, Alabama, where he spent his youth sketching the buildings, landscapes, and people of the Southeast. In 1993 he ventured to Los Angeles, where a prophetic meeting with a well-known artist provided him an entrée into the world of mural painting. Working large-scale, Brown began to develop his own style, influenced by the Impressionists.

Staying true to himself, Brown continues to paint solely from his heart and what inspires him. His paintings capture the spirit and soulfulness of his subject matter. Brown possesses a unique ability to transcend the physical and give viewers an experience, as if they were there with the artist while he painted. “To capture the essence of the scene, making viewers feel they can step into a different day and understand the mood and beauty of that day —  that is my goal,” the artist says.  

An avid traveler, you can find Brown crisscrossing the country or venturing abroad capturing pastoral scenes of the South, images of the sea, or people and places from other cultures. Although he tends to focus on landscapes, he paints all subject matter. The artist is also an instructor and holds multiple workshops throughout the year, sharing the knowledge he has gained with less experienced artists. He firmly believes that teaching and giving back allows him to gain more insight into his own work.

Brown is represented by Berkley Gallery (Warrenton, VA), Brennen Fine Art (Scottsdale, AZ), Haynes Galleries (Thomaston, ME), Leiper's Creek Gallery (Franklin, TN), Beverly McNeil Gallery (Birmingham, AL), Reinert Fine Art (Charleston, SC), and Walls Fine Art Gallery (White Sulphur Springs, WV).